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Camp   Tadma

Camp Tadma is located in Bozrah, CT, where I am a life guard. It is a Cub Camp where the kids and their leaders stay for 4 days and 3 nights. On these days the kids learn how to swim(play water games), play sports, visit our Nature Area, do activities with our Arts and Crafts Director, and they participate in 2 Camp Fires, one on Sunday Night where the staff performs a variety of songs, skits, and cheers, they get their chance to perform for us on Wednesday night. We also have many special events that they can particaipate in; On Monday night they can come and sleep in 1 of 6 of our Indian Teepees, or on Tuesday Night the 2nd year Weeblos can spend the Night in our Wilderness area, they get to sleep under the stars, and get a campfire dinner. Also on Tuesday Nights we have foil dinners where the staff members go out to various campsites and help prepare a dinner cooked over the campfires. Later that night you are allowed to join us in our Sunday Service(hint, hint). When Thursday afternoon roles by everyone particapates in our Water Carnival, this is where you can play water basketball, shoot bows-n-arrows at a jug and if you hit it you get all wet, you can learn about animals with our Nature Director, or get a wet sponge and throw it at your leader or staff members(who are willing to do this)!! Well hopefully you have read this all and will be more than happy to come and join us this summer!!!

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